Passive Income

The latest technology in Smart contracts on the Tron Blockchain Pays 1.5% daily. The Family Cash Machine presents passive income as the way to produce gains as you are learning Bitcoin & Crypto Currency through the crypto currency college. This Smart Contract is different from the rest as this is not based on recruiting. This is not a company but merely a programable smart contract which pays in Tron coin 300%
within 208 days. This is an amazing percentage not found anywhere. It is very important that we teach you how the crypto currency industry works with our courses and we are very excited to have you also qualify to make passive Income returns on your investment while you learn. This is autonomous payments paid directly in your Tron wallet. No one
is in between you and your payments. We love this particular Smart contract because you 100% control your investment .No human being hands actually touch your investment nor can anyone disrupt your percentage. No CEO can run off with the money nor can any Government shut down the smart contract. The investment is Secure and is all based on mathematics not politics or Trust of any Company or CEO. We will help you load the wallet and load your connection to the contract directly to your wallet and you will witness every 4 seconds the Micro payments into your wallet. The Family Cash Machine Webinars on Tuesday & Thursday 1Pm Est 11am Pst will train you on how the passive Smart Contract works and how you can start making Passive income for a low as $50 USD.