About Us

The Family cash Machine was founded in  October 7, 2015 with the Intentions to help average Families understand how to create Generational wealth. The CryptoCurrency Industry represents A disruption of Money with Digital technology and we saw this as possibly the Greatest Exchange of Wealth opportunity ever in the History of the World. We Immediately started learning this new technology and the freedoms this allows people economically. Shortly thereafter we decided as we realized how massive this knowledge represents and how many industries that blockchain technology has and  it’s ability to disrupt. We started creating a team of individuals all around the world who all shared the same passion and vision. The Family Cash machine in its discovery of learning more about cryptocurrency we started to see how real value is created and took the time to start studying Austrian Economics as well as more of what is the real definition of money and what causes so many economies to crash. Now to all of our surprises we started to see the real story and history of money a history not commonly known to the masses. The Family Cash machine objective is to teach the masses to take back control of the value of Money but first we had to create a platform of Education regarding money. We then started to realize that too many individuals approached the Cryptocurrency industry as a stock market centralized platform and that they were really missing the entire point of the creation of this decentralized digital currency. We desired to create a institution of decentralization in order to help recreate the mindset of the masses. The Family Cash Machine by this time had created small success stories of individuals who had accumulated 6 digits within this industry and once we started to realize more of the technological side of this new currency we also realized that there where so many more ways to create income streams in this industry and disrupt the current status quo and empower people around the world no matter there backgrounds of geographical location. The Family Cash Machine Members also by this time had been in several companies which did not represent the true decentralized knowledge nevertheless robbed million’s of individuals around the world of their funds and discouraged them from believing in this new technology. The Family Cash Machine decided at that time we would help to train the masses so no companies could ever again take advantage of the masses from the lack of Knowledge in regards to the Cryptocurrency blockchain technology industry. The Family Cash machine by this time had over 3 years of studying all over the place from several sources filtering through so much in order to get to the real raw knowledge of Decentralization. We also noticed that there are massive attempts currently to trick the masses into a centralized blockchain technology

The family Cash Machine created the Cryptocurrency college.with the intentions to give the masses more options towards economic freedom while gravitating towards the real definition of money and understanding the difference between Money vs Currency. We also realized that it took us 3 long years to get here and we were taken advantage of by imposter companies therefore we created a real decentralized network marketing company attached to the education so the students could  have an opportunity earn and not be taken advantage of by imposter companies. The Family Cash Machine also included Wealth training, Corporations Training, Foreign Corporation Training, Family Trust funds in order to further understand structuring and much more to help our students as they amass wealth to learn how to secure your family for generations to come and eventually create a financial blueprint for your family which is where we created our theme of (Let’s Create Generational Wealth)

Get ready for the Ride of your Life with The Family Cash Machine because this is not a company it’s a movement

Yours Truly 

The Family Cash Machine