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The blockchain is merely one of four fundamental technologies created behind crypto currencies.  The blockchain is a public ledger anyone can view at any time because it resides on a network, not within a single institution (centralized), but residing on a network for all to verify and validate at any time.  the blockchain is also encrypted, and will revolutionize or disrupt dozens of financial institutions, Redistributing the wealth back to those who recognize this technology and position themselves for this disruption.  the blockchain technology relinquishes worry about weak firewalls of target, capital one, American express, home depot, and any other centralized systems subjected to hacking, including the aquiring of information from the us federal government.

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Crypto currency introduced the concept of decentralized securities through computation.  Crypto currency is the very first market based security.  The essence of Crypto currency is to be able to use software authoritatively, independently without any government.  And the people have the ability to verify and validate all transactions without any third parties charging excessive fees. Basically, people doing peer to peer transations without banking or financial institutions

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The technology that has intrigued wall street and stimulated the minds of the technology industry around the world.  this industry has the ability to create more millionaires then any other industry in the history of the world.  money is the subject that is the common denominator which under girds languages, geographical locations, race, religion or class.  find out why the biggest investors in the world, the smartest men/women in the world, the biggest corporations in the world are all investing their time and money in this innovative technology.

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